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On the positive side, for those planning to travel to Spain in the Summer, El Pais reports :

'Spain will not require coronavirus tests or quarantines for travellers arriving with ‘vaccine passports’

'The European Union’s ‘Digital Green Certificate’ is due to come into force in June, and will allow for people to arrive in the country ‘in a safer manner,’ according to the Health Ministry.'


Which is a positive step towards opening International travel once again- an area on which Spain and especially Andalucia is especially dependent with some 20% of the national GDP coming from this source.  However, it seems we are becoming used to both good and bad news coming simultaneously: The EU shied away from a one-for-all vaccine passport to be unified by all 27 countries. Each now, is apparently free to pursue their own route to create 27 separate and no doubt different digital passports, none identical and all requiring different content. Which to our unqualified eye seems like a recipe for more consternation at international borders across Europe and hardly the ethos of 'unity' professed by the bloc. But we are all now used to the 'unified but not' reality of the EU in 2021 following such bureaucratic cluster fudge's as the covid vaccine order situation which saw various countries planning to order their own supplies early in the piece, then being slapped down by the EU who wanted a centralised system - only to take four months to decide what, where and how much to actually order. As nationals from different countries including UK, Germany, Belgium, Russia and Scotland (!) we do sometimes find it frustrating living, working here through a pandemic and being wholly reliant upon visitor traffic opening up again for the success of our business- as well as the whole Andalucia economy!   So, if you are planning to travel, hoping to buy a property in Spain in the second half of 2021, we share your frustration but assure you it will be worth the wait. Not one of us would swap our life here for our 'old' life back in the country of our birth, such is the lifestyle and welcoming environment which Spain provides. Let us show you more- e mail us, start a discussion about what your plans are and we will do our utmost to assist. After all , we are all passionate 'converts' to our new lives here and would love to add you to our growing group of 'satisfied buyers'