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We've had a striking increase in activity on our UK facing portals in the last seven days, since Boris announced the 'road map' out of lockdown. This co-incides with data supplied by sites such as 'A Place in the' Rightmove and Kyero, who are noting a similar, explosive growth in UK enquiries. it is clear from the conversations we've had that there are many thousands who are re-evaluating their life/work balance and planning post-Brexit to get on and buy the holiday home which has filled their mind during so many of their 'lockdown hours'.
The Brexit deal, even if it does not get amended by Spain and UK (Which some think is highly likely in time) allows for UK residents to spend 90 days in each 180 here without a visa. That's up to 180 days a year - more holiday than anyone could ever take, and quite feasible for a second home with a bit of planning. as Martin puts it - Thousands of Brits buy in Florida every year without any hope of getting permanent residency - Spain now offers similar terms without a full day spent travelling and with 80 euro flights coming back, the real possibility of spending long weekends here every month. It is an exciting time, speaking to these buyers, as they make plans for the REAL change in their life post-covid lockdown. We have all, to some extent, re-evaluated what is important to us and being able to have a holiday home to share with children and then pass to them for future generations to enjoy has shot up peoples' lists of priorities. Who can blame them! With life expectancies in parts of Andalucia amongst the highest in the world, this wonderful lifestyle awaits with a still realistic possibility of moving permanently at some stage in the future - with a little capital and some decent health insurance for under 200 euro a month, a couple could easily get residence here - just ask us!